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  1. Donte
    My ac/heat dont blow can anyone tell me where the fuse is located or wat i have to do to c if my blower is gone bad..
  2. Hilltop
    Hello everyone
  3. tattedntorn
    just finished installing a K&N CAI on my 300S ☺
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  4. smithk1111
  5. smithk1111
    Used cars Sudbury has provide over 200 used second hand cars, trucks, suv in Sudbury.
  6. Dhaze72
    best place for pcm?
  7. Aldomania
  8. Dhaze72
    best place for refurbed pcm?
  9. Dhaze72
    Whats up people? Well, i got these codes 0031,37, 51, 57. Searching the web, looks like i may need a pcm, need help!
  10. Devon Armitage
    Devon Armitage
    Hey guys, I recently purchased 2nd Gen 19x7.5J +55MM 10 Spoke rims. I own an 06' 1st gen. What spacer will i need for these to fit? Thanks!
  11. hcross827
    Just bought a 2016 300c. What an automobile! Calling it just "a car" is an injustice.
  12. Edd
    I have a misfire on bank 1 only chrysler 300c 06 157k
  13. Edd
    How can i post a forum
  14. GT
    GT Mike2Fst
    Thank you so much for supporting!
  15. Josh
    is 17x7 5x115 the right wheel replacement for a 06 300 touring?
  16. Real Deal17
  17. tanner pitolay
    tanner pitolay
    I need help I have 2015 300 with the 3.6 v6 and I'm trying to find a after market throuttle body where bouts can I find one for my car
  18. derekile
    my 2016 Alloy edition 300 picked it up brand spanking new and I am really enjoying it
  19. ENEAS
    how to remove center caps on a 2008 300c
  20. Darkside
    1. Darkside
      Looking to figure out a good size for spacers for my 300 so the wheel sit almost flush with fender 20mm 25mm? Or best size.
      Mar 10, 2017