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Sep 28, 2015
    1. Pollywog
      Just purchased a 2011 300 and the passenger hi/lo doesn’t work. We replaced the bulb, still nothing. Any advise?
    2. Garyn Matthews
      Garyn Matthews
      I just got 20x9 and 20x10.5 Asanti wheels. I have an 08 300c at stock height I was wondering what tires I could run without no rubbing. Probably enough room to lower an inch. Anything helps thanks.
    3. bossladee
      Esp bas issues
    4. Real Deal17
      Real Deal17
      Has anyone ever heard of the Sabine Edition? I'm told mine is the only one made and have never found one exactly like it but close.
    5. johnkober
      Hello, I am John Kober from Michigan. I took my 2013 300c into a shop because I couldn't get fuel into it. After 2 hours the mechanic couldn't either. Any ideas?
    6. Biffdumas
      I have a 2005 300c. I am having a weird issue with the driver door lock switch. The window switches work for all four doors, but the door lock button won't do anything. The key fob will lock and unlock all the doors, the passenger door will unlock and lock all the doors, but the driver side switch won't. So naturally, I figured the master switch was bad. I changed it out and everything was exactly the same.
    7. HeartZ
      Happy Birthday!!! [IMG]
    8. First3002009
      Chrysler 300 limited 2009 3.5 v6
      Will 20" rims 5x115
      Tires 254/35
      Fit my car
      I do not know how to post this in a thread
    9. Marks 08 300
      Marks 08 300
      New to site. Checked in some forums about the the dash lights just started going nuts. Won't start without a jump. seems to run fine when driving except for the crazy dash light dance. OBD2 showed 13 codes, all electrical, from pedal sensor to voltage too high, voltage to low, EPS, etc, etc. Saw several posting same issue but not one had any answers. Your name came up as Top DAWG on 300's..... Any suggestions?
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    10. whitecopper
      I'm trying to post an add to sell my custom 300 but am being informed I don't have those privileges. Can you give me a hand?
    11. Paulie1971
      Once again it only knocks after 10 minutes of warm-up and when applying gas NOT at idle and only seems to be on drivers front cylinder on top. Oil light comes on on occasion but goes away on acceleration or flickers at idle sometimes. New sending unit installed Could it be the viscosity thinning out, a clump of crap came dislodged and plugged something up, stretched out piston rod(online suggestion), re-clogged oil filter? I don't know where else to go from here except for replacing the oil pump which is quite costly and looks to be a real project and PITA! If I do replace pump and noise continues I have just wasted alot of time and money we don't have. I am out of ideas of what could be causing this knock. I am returning to work next week after layoff and need this car up and running for the wife. The wife has been using mine for work but now with me returning to work I need mine back.
    12. Paulie1971
      Thinking that the parts ordered were inferior (aluminum replacement and not stock steel) to the original I thought they failed so I disassembled everything to inspect the bearings and they were as good as when I put them in so I re-coated and reassembled everything. The car runs fine with no knocks (never even knocked with bad bearing when it was running) until 10-15 minutes of run time then it will ONLY knock on top when you push on the gas and gets louder over time. I put oil pressure gauge on and got 5-7 psi at idle and would go up on acceleration. It seems to be OK to me but i'm not 100%. I do not want to run for a long period of time just in case it is an oil pump issue and don't want to do damage to anything else.
    13. Paulie1971
      I dropped pan and got to bearings #1 cylinder (drivers front) was loose. All others seemed OK but since I was already in there I might as well do all of them since the car has 205,000 on it. I ordered the necessary parts (oil sending unit, pan gasket and bearing set). #1 bearing was flattened out and #2 bearing had pitting, all the others had normal wear and still in pretty good condition but changed them out anyway. I cleaned everything out on lower end very good, crank still good, surprisingly! I coated new bearings and crank in Lucas and torqued to specs and reassembled everything. Upon starting car wouldn't idle and soon after die. finally got to idle and after 5 minutes of run time RPM would go down so I would push pedal slightly to keep running and that's when engine started to knock on drivers front (#1 the one with the bad bearing). Sounds like piston hitting head and not lower end.
    14. Paulie1971
      I started car and it ran fine so I let it run to burn off anything (water?) and after 5 minutes it started to squeal like a belt was slipping then died. I restarted and the same thing, squeal then die. It was NOT the belts, they are new along with new timing belt, water pump, tensioner and pulley. I looked on line and found video on YouTube that sounded IDENTICAL, SPUN BEARING! I also confirmed this by transferring old oil into container and finding metal shavings, CRAP!
    15. Paulie1971
      The next day I started car but again would not stay running and would die. I pulled all the plugs for inspection (they are new) they looked fine. I started the car and idled fine (no oil light on) pulled off to bring home and 3 blocks down it just quit. NO Power, no dash lights, NOTHING. Coasted into gas station and jumped batt. I got to run but then died out. When restarting 1 (one) bad metal clank came from the motor and I couldn't get to turn over again just a click. OK, bad starter so towed it home. It turned out starter was weak and also had bad batt ground. Got new starter and decided to do oil change while car was up. Castrol 10/30 plus filter like always.
    16. Paulie1971
      Im new to the forum. Im searching for some answers and thought to go right to the top.
      If you dont know the answer maybe you could point me in the right direction. Earlier today I typed up the description of the issue at hand and pasted it below. ANY information will be GREATLY appreciated.
      I am having an issue with our 2002 Chrysler 300M 3.5 HO motor and ANY feedback would be GREATLY appreciated. I will try to explain in detail so you have the whole story. Sorry so long. I will have to send a few messages.

      2 weeks ago my wife took the Chrysler to get cigs. She said it was running fine, she turned car off, restarted and left and car wouldn't go over 40 mph and she pulled over and called me. She told me car wont start or stay running. I assumed something got wet from me just power washing the engine 2 hours prior. The car would start but would not idle and die, oil light also on. I decided to let sit there overnight and let dry out.
    17. STAR444
      There you go being sweet again! Thanks!! :-)
    18. HPNO300
      No problem Paul and thanks for the rep!
    19. HPNO300
      Thanks for the rep Paul!
    20. AWDHEMI
      I have a quick question, I have some aftermarket wheels on my baby, i tend to get a small vibration when im around 60mph, i know its not the balance/rotors things like that.Ive been told i need hub centric rings. when i look online it says i have to have the wheel specs and the car, but when i call discount tire they tell me i just go by the cars bore and they dont need to know the wheel specs or size or anything. im confused to say the least. any guidance?
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    Aug 3, 1976 (Age: 41)
    Home Page:
    Barrie, Ontario Canada
    Small Retail
    2005 Chrysler 300 3.5 H.O
    Mods done to date(in no particular order):

    -Chrome Pillar Posts
    -15% Tint front and rear windows
    -Debadged 300 symbol
    -GTO Vent Visors
    -Exterior Blind Spot Mirrors
    -SRT8 Trunk Spoiler
    -K2 Projector Headlights
    -8000K Low Beam HID's - AAC
    -8000K Fog Light HID's - 3B Specialties
    -Bentley Style Mesh Grill(ABS) - Changed Out For A New Grill - See List Below!
    -Altezza LED Tail Lights(all LED bulbs added eg: Parking Lights Rear And Bumper Lights)
    -Cold Air Intake Induction System from Ebay(replaced w/ AFE intake..see below)
    -Interior 3 Chip LED set from AAC in Blue
    -Vanity Mirror LED's from Autolumination in SuperWhite
    -Billet Technology's Polished knobs(Stereo/A.C/Headight switches)
    -Billet Technology's Limited Edition Polished Pistol Grip Shifter(19/50)
    -Billet Technology's Chrome Door Pins, Polished Shifter Plate and Chrome Cigarette Lighter Delete
    -Billet Technology's Pink Thingy Replacement
    -Blue LED Strip In Grill Area
    -Blue LED Strip's Above Headlight's
    -Chrome Door Mouldings
    -Clear Bumper Lights complimented with Super White LED's
    -300CFORUMZ.com Forum Sticker On Rear Window
    -GTALX.com Club Sticker
    -22 Elite Leather/Padded Console Cover
    -Putco High Beam 6000k Halogen Bulbs From Focuz Tech
    -Reverse HID's
    -Chrome Exterior Door Handles
    -SRT8 Interior Door Pulls - Leather Wrapped, Chrome Accented
    -Chrome Mirror Caps
    -Lexani LSS 10's - 22's
    -Grip Tuning Grill With Additional Mesh Added
    -300 Badge Reinstalled In Engine Compartment.
    -AFE Stage
    Vehicle Yr:
    Gen1 - 2005
    Satin Jade
    Modding, Cars, etc..


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