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  1. Chrysler 300 General Discussion
    Hi, I'm fairly new to this forum. I purchased a nice 2012 Chrysler 300s 20" Option back in April. Unfortunately I didn’t look into the winter tire purchase that would inevitably have to happen:smiledown:. Since I live out in the back woods and the damn snow removal is not as good as I...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys im new here, just got a 06 Chrysler 300 Limited. I need help deciding whether to get 20s or 22s? i really want to get 22s but will i have to get spacers/roll the fenders or anything like that? and im also worrying about if i get very low profile tires will the rims crack easy? i live in...
  3. Custom Chassis - Suspension - Wheels & Tires
    Before: After: (245/45/20, KMC Slides 651) "Cool Whip"
  4. My Chrysler 300

    May 2009
1-4 of 4 Results