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  1. Chrysler 300 Electrical Problems and Questions
    My steering controls and front window controls went out. I fixed it with the #30 fuse, but now it sounds like i have about half the Stereo volume as before. Any ideas why.
  2. Chrysler 300 General Discussion
    Hey all, I have a single twelve running 300w in the trunk and an aftermarket deck. When the volume goes up the headlights and dash lights dim with the bass. If I go up any further the amp cuts out (it has a safety mode) the cut outs I think are more an amp issue but I'd like to resolve the...
  3. Chrysler 300 Electrical Problems and Questions
    I own a 2005 Chrysler 300 Touring. Audio was fine up until last year summer, i was playing music in my car at a high volume and out of no where my system cuts out. Found out it was a blown fuse later on and replaced it. But now, whenever I turn my gain up anything past 29-30 the audio clips and...
  4. 1st Gen Chrysler 300
    I recently purchased and received 2 12" kicker L7 DVC 4 ohm subwoofers. I thought I was getting the 2 ohm version but in my haste must've clicked a wrong button somewhere along the line and didn't notice. So I'm sitting here with the 4 ohm subs, and an amp on the way that would power one sub at...
  5. 1st Gen Chrysler 300
    My subs aren't working anymore but the amp still turns on. It will play a little amount of bass but as soon as I turn it up the amp turns off. My left sub is also locked into place, the right one still moves and outputs some sound but the left one does nothing and is stuck and doesn't move at...
1-5 of 5 Results