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  1. Chrysler_300_C_Hemi_V8_Alois_Buecker_Highland_Games

    that's me with my midnight blue hemi heading for the highland games as you can clearly see here, the car is stock the way it was delivered by the official chrysler dealership, except the fact that the licence plate was mounted lower than stock to make sure it does not disturbe the lines of the front
  2. chrysler 300c hemi v8 and my wife elena

    somewhere i've read: the 300c series (2004-2010) was made for people who want champagne taste for beer price, and dolly parton once said: do you know how expensive is it to look so cheap; this all is the 300c
  3. 300C Hemi V8 and my wife Elena in Eckernfoerde

    a different approach, a summer evening and an appropiate light, and the theme 300c is getting less cheap and more elegant...
  4. Chrysler 300C HEMI V8 and a German winter night

    a cold and grim winter night, the poor car, some might think... but have you ever thought about the conditions, a car is built for: the daily elements should do much harm, but a sauna? a warm and wet room? a garage?...
  5. Chrysler 300C HEMI V8 in the snow

    have you ever noticed, how the snow sometimes shows certain lines, that were designed into the car, but are not that evident on a normal day... more snow shows other lines than less... take a little time this winter and you may discover a lot...
  6. a midnight blue Chrysler 300C Hemi V8 and my wife Elena

    a larger version of my avatar, my wife with my hemi on a beautiful summer day (you might like to know, that the car is only driven on dry days on dry roads; the job of driving under nasty conditions like rain, snow, ice and salt on the roads is my wife's Toyota Aygo or my Opel Insignia (know in the
  7. Chrysler 300C Hemi V8 European autumn time

    my wife in front of my hemi. a nice autumn day on the baltic coast, northern germany, you may have noticed the licence plate, RearDriver HemiChrysler 900 (the 3rd 300 i can call my own)
  8. Chrysler 300C Hemi V8 European Version and my wife

    another summer picture... my wife in front of my midnight blue hemi, in front of my house, a little less elegantly dressed...
1-10 of 10 Results