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  1. Great Plains
    For those who are interested the Haysville Fall Festival show will be held at Riggs Park in Haysville on 19 and 20 October, Registration is at 9am on the 19th and is $20. That $20 buys you into the show for both the 19th and the 20th. Last year the festival was pretty fun with a ton of stuff to...
  2. Great Plains
    This show is in Downtown Douglass. The registration will start at 9 and will go until about 11, and the cost is $20. The awards will be held at about 4-430. This is a pretty fun show and they serve free chili and coffee/hot chocolate. This is a good show, lots of different things to do and see...
  3. Great Plains
    Here is the information for the 13th Annual WSU/Midian Shrine show. This is a great show for a GREAT cause... come out and show your GPMM pride! Lets try to compare to the Heartland Camaro Club this year with more than 3 of! If anyone would like to crash at the house you are more than...
  4. Great Plains
    Hey everyone! This month the wichita chapter is having their Meet-n-Greet at the Hooters Car show! The "boys" are meeting up at Hooters @ 930. The show starts @ 1100. Aug 19th from 1100 - 400. Hooters off of North Rock Road. If you want/need more info please pm me or get on GPMM and talk...
  5. Mid Atlantic
    Just checking, will any 300 clubs or groups be attending carlisle performance & style this year?
1-5 of 5 Results