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  1. Custom Interior Modifications - Audio - Video
    Hi All, I thought I had posted here already, but I guess not. I'm looking for a replacement DVD for my Nav DVD which is erroring out at times. I'd like to get one with the in-motion hack. 05064033AL A big thank you goes out to anyone who can help. rojayva
  2. Custom Interior Modifications - Audio - Video
    Deciding to once again upgrade my head unit "my Pioneer X90bt" was stolen Christmas eve last year....and after much research it have come down to 2 units...not really looking for NAVIGATION SINCE MY Android phone navigator is so much free The AVH-P4200dvd pros: 7 inch screen...
  3. 1st Gen Chrysler 300
    Iam trying to add a E0675 7" TFT LCD TOUCHSCREEN CAR TV MONITOR DVD PLAYER But is not sure if it will fit my 300 or will it be compatible and work....i have a base 2005 300...............................any help
  4. 1st Gen Chrysler 300
    Hey all. Does anyone know exactly how to piggy-back the front (navigation and radio control) screen on to the VES system? I'm not an expert, but i have decent knowledge of how those systems work, and i am assuming some minimal splicing is needed if it isn's just plug and play behind the dash...
  5. 1st Gen Chrysler 300
    looking for a 7" dvd receiver for my 300C. anyone have any suggestions for a good one?
  6. Newbie Check In!
    What's up guys, I just picked up an '05 300C. First thing im looking to do is a intake and exhaust. I found a good K&N intake and people are telling me Gibson makes a good exhaust, also found a Borla one. Anyone suggest a good in-dash DVD receiver? Crutchfield has a Jensen one for 400 or so with...
  7. SAT NAV set up

    Fujitsu 10 Eclipse AVN 6000 touch screen SAT NAV GPS CD MP3 iPod connection TV unit 8 inch sub
1-7 of 7 Results