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  1. Can you install a Play Station 3 on limited edition 300s with an already existing screen

    Newbie Check In!
    Hey I just bought a 2009 Chrysler 300 limited edition, I want to start by installing a Play station 3 in there, now the 300 does already have a cd/dvd slot, just want to know what i may have to do with the wiring to install a play station, or weather u can even install a play station at all.
  2. Chrysler_300_C_Hemi_V8_Alois_Buecker_Highland_Games


    that's me with my midnight blue hemi heading for the highland games as you can clearly see here, the car is stock the way it was delivered by the official chrysler dealership, except the fact that the licence plate was mounted lower than stock to make sure it does not disturbe the lines of the front
  3. New Game- Tell a lie about yourself

    Jokes / Humor
    Some people -- as strange as it may seem -- may possibly, potentially, unlikely as it may be -- have stretched the truth just a little when posting here. This is your chance -- tell us a lie about yourself! Make it as interesting, complex, simple, boring, as you want it to be. Just remember...