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  1. Chrysler 300 General Discussion
    I have an 05C with a bad engine and a line on an 03-06 pick-up engine, they are both 5.7L of the same era, is there any reason this can't be done. It looks like the timing cover is very different but easily swapped, and the intake. I noticed the EGR valve is not on the rear of the passenger...
  2. New Member Introductions
    What's up folks. Proud owner of a 2007 300c SRT Design 5.7L (the rare ones;)) for a year now. If y'all bored come check out my YouTube channel Mr.300C Mr. 300C Holla!
  3. Chrysler 300 Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L
    After much research and a lot of youtube I purchased a Flowmaster Force II exhaust for my 2011 Chrysler 300c. I previously had straight pipes installed in place of my center mufflers and was just looking for something louder. I have been running this setup with the Mopar Cold Air Intake for...
  4. New Member Introductions
    just got my 05 Chrysler 300c a week or so ago and I'm excited. I needed to get new brakes and new radiator so far so haven't had chance to do any fun performance upgrades/mods. But here are my plans for very near future AFE stage II CAI fresh champion plat plugs needs serp belt (getting moose)...
  5. Chrysler 300 Parts for Sale - Trade - Want To Buy
    Hi guys, i have a brand new diablo sport intune i2 with hemifever custom tuning package!! Looking for £330 pound. Its brand new untouched unopened! It is for crysler 300c hemi, u can visit the website for the initial price i bought couple weeks ago without postage. Google hemifever. If...
  6. Chrysler 300 Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Car has been emmiting massive clouds of white smoke after driving on an empty tank and getting gas during a recent storm. Began shaking badly the day after and left me stranded so I got it towed home.I poured a bottle of heet in the tank (1/2) hoping it was just bad gas. Now it atleast stays on...
  7. Chrysler 300 General Discussion
    Hey all. Have plenty of experience in the car world, having all sorts of vehicles over the years. I can absolutely turn a wrench whenever I have the time. Anyway, Looking at buying an 05 or 06 300c 5.7 hemi. Either in AWD or rwd. Both of the ones I found were for about $3600-4200...
  8. Florida Chrysler 300 Owners
    Hi: I bought my 300C HEMi about 1 1/2 years ago with 34000 miles. It was a Pre-Certified Car.. It appears to be a secret at what milages a Tune Up is Necessary.. Any help will be appreciated
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hello all! I am new to the group and I am excited to discuss other related topics about my 2006 Chrysler 300 C 5.7 Hemi "Heritage Edition" with you! It's great to have a place I can go to, to discuss topics I want to learn more about or get feedback on questions I might have! Here is to living...
  10. High Horse Performance
    HHP'S BLACK FRIDAY THROUGH CYBER MONDAY ONLINE SALE YOUR FAVORITE SOURCE FOR HEMI PARTS WITH THE BEST PRICES ON THE NET Post Updated. Check us out online at We hope everyone has a safe holiday season!
  11. 300C_HEMI_V8_MERRY_X-MAS

    this photo of my 300c hemi v8 was taken on the 24th of december 2010 in the morning after an overnight snowstorm... well: everybody had been asking for a white christmas! is this white enough?
  12. 300C HEMI V8 in a snowdrift on Christmas 2010

    a dream has come true? a white christmas, my own hemi in front of my own house by the sea (baltic sea, northern germany near denmark)... too much of a white christmas shows you the limits of your 300C...
  13. Chrysler 300c HEMI V8 and Motorhome Siesta Exclusive

    yes: 5,7 litre V8 and 340 hp, but a ridicolous towing capacity of 1725 kg. so if you want a comfortable home away from home, an airstream trailer is impossible, so how about a stylish motorhome... you want more info? just google siesta exclusive 650 flc. as someone else wrote in this forum: the 300c
  14. chrysler 300c hemi v8 and my wife elena

    somewhere i've read: the 300c series (2004-2010) was made for people who want champagne taste for beer price, and dolly parton once said: do you know how expensive is it to look so cheap; this all is the 300c
  15. 300C Hemi V8 and my wife Elena in Eckernfoerde

    a different approach, a summer evening and an appropiate light, and the theme 300c is getting less cheap and more elegant...
  16. Chrysler 300C HEMI V8 and a German winter night

    a cold and grim winter night, the poor car, some might think... but have you ever thought about the conditions, a car is built for: the daily elements should do much harm, but a sauna? a warm and wet room? a garage?...
  17. Chrysler 300C HEMI V8 in the snow

    have you ever noticed, how the snow sometimes shows certain lines, that were designed into the car, but are not that evident on a normal day... more snow shows other lines than less... take a little time this winter and you may discover a lot...
  18. Chrysler 300C Hemi and Insignia CDTI

    the hemi, called beautiful brute in some official chrysler ads across europe and its counterpart, lets call it efficient and intelligent: the insignia, sold in the us as buick regal is available as a commenrail turbo diesel 6 speed manual in germany, about 45 miles to the gallon and pretty fast... t
1-20 of 39 Results