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  1. Air intake questions

    Chrysler 300 General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have some questions about air intakes. 1) what's the diff between an ebay $50 air intake vs an intake that coast $300? 2) Is it better to have the filter inside the fender or is it ok on top? 3) Is aluminium better then the plastic? 4) Whats the best intake for $200 5) anyone...
  2. CAD PROGRAM question to anyone who can answer

    Off Topic Discussion
    Does any one know of a CAD/DESIGN PROGRAM that they would recommend for designing automotive parts. I need it to design my new CAI Bear in mind that it has to be user friendly (easy to use and comprehend) and it has to run on Windows Platform (XP/XP PRO) Thank you!!!!! Meech:smileup: