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  1. Factory Kicker Sub Working Intermittently

    300C SRT8 Specific Discussion
    I have an 07 300C SRT8 with the 10" kicker subwoofer in the trunk and starting 3 days ago the subwoofer all of a sudden started not working and then it would work again and stop again. I already checked the cable that connects the sub to the amp and everything seems fine. Anyone have any ideas...
  2. Subwoofer Dillema

    1st Gen Chrysler 300
    I pretty much got my Subwoofer package down to two subwoofers. the 2600W Complete Sony Bass Package consists of a Sony Xplode 1300 watt Sub and a 1500 Crunch PZi-1500.1 rated Amp Subs: Kicker 07DC122 + Amps: Kicker 08ZX300.1 1200watt system now all the comparision are showing that...