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  1. Chrysler 300 Electrical Problems and Questions
    I have an 06 Chrysler 300... I took out the hvac control module in the dash because I got tired of having half work and the other half not. So I desoldered the reg bulbs off of the circuit board and replaced them with green LEDs. I tested the polarities on the board to make sure they fit up, and...
  2. Chrysler 300 General Discussion
    Sometimes when I am driving or even just sitting idle ling the lights while come on for all my gears. Any suggestions on what can cause this to happen? I have attached picture.
  3. Chrysler 300 Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hi all, I own a 2005 Chrysler 300 Touring 3.5L RWD. I have had a handful of issues with it since owning new except for when the rad fluid was leaking into the transmission. That was a nightmare and took almost a week to repair though it lead to other fixes the shop took care of on the house...
  4. Chrysler 300 Electrical Problems and Questions
    Hi guys i have a problem with my 2005 chrysler 300 Base model V6 The headlights and Dashboard flickering only at night or when its dark outside. The headlights and dashboard flicker 10-20 times then they turn off and come back on randomly. I'm guessing its the sensor is there a way to...
  5. 10269065_293735200789364_8065716019107416183_o

    My 300. Aftermarket ABS grill, LED grill lighting, custom LED daytime running lights
  6. Chrysler 300 Electrical Problems and Questions
    Alright, here is the problem. (Chrysler 300C 2010) While taking the trash to the curb my husband noticed that the rear park lights and side marker lights were on. He thought maybe someone had tried to get into the car and "set them off" however, everything seemed on the up and up. He went...
  7. Custom Chrysler 300 Interior and Exterior Lighting
    I want to change out the turn signal and the reverse lights for the headlights and taillights what size do I look for???
  8. Custom Chrysler 300 Interior and Exterior Lighting
    Hi, I am currently looking for application pictures for my new 4.25" blue halo ring lights on a first generation 2005-2010 Chrysler 300C. I do not require a professional photographer but prefer to use someone who can take good clean photos of the lights after the installation. In exchange for...
  9. Chrysler 300 General Discussion
    looking to change from my stockies to some nice led after markets. post your tails, i need ideas!
  10. Custom Chrysler 300 Interior and Exterior Lighting
    So today after work i decided to throw some neons on the interior of my car! The thing is i have never done anything like this. Thank god for the INTERNET i found a great walk thru " link at bottom". Anyway its so easy, its seems like everything is easy if you do your research and are some...
  11. Custom Chrysler 300 Interior and Exterior Lighting
    installed my hid kit today and wow what a difference. now if i can get my hands on the fogs this week ill be super satisfied!!! [/IMG] [/IMG]
  12. Newbie Check In!
    Hey Guys, Just purchased a brand new 300 yesterday, It wont be here until next friday, but none the less I am the proud owner of a new 300. Its a base 300, Black outside Black Leather interior with nothing else special, for now! I've got a lot of great idea but could always use suggestions...
  13. Newbie Check In!
    What's Up 300ers and fellow Z members. I'm a new and proud owner of a Gray '06 300C AWD. My new toy which i'm enjoying every minute i'm playing with it. Few questions tho if anyone could help out. 1st i'd like to give my baby a nice ferrari/lambo type purr versus a loud roar, what's the best way...
1-13 of 13 Results