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  1. Newbie Check In!
    I just bought my first Mopar car, 2013 Varvatos Edition 5.7, I’m loving it so far but caught the mod bug again. I’ve had plenty jdm cars and mustangs throughout my life but needed a 4 door and this was my first choice. With that being said the first thing I want to do is get an exhaust. I was...
  2. Newbie Check In!
    I have a 2013 300S. Bought it on September 14,2017 with 40,500 miles. Today it rolled over 50,000! And I only live about 6 miles from work. Needless to say, I love this damn thing. I bought it because it has a lifetime warranty on the engine, transmission, and powertrain. The 5.7 liter and AWD(I...
  3. Newbie Check In!
    Long time Mopar owner, just traded in a 2011 Dodge Charger, Mopar 11 for a 2016 Chrysler 300S!!! 7 days in, love everything about it except it has a front end vibration at most speeds, worse at highway speed, just had dealer who I bought it from balance and rotate and align, no change!!! Very...
  4. Newbie Check In!
    Whats Up Fellow 300 owners. Checking In From Illinois. Love my 300 and newly returning to Mopar. From GM. Last Mopar product was a Dodge Intrepid, Lets just say i learn alot from that car.
  5. Newbie Check In!
    Hey everyone been checking out this forum for awhile now and decided to finally join it! I have a 2006 Chrysler 300 Touring! Joining out of Texas in the Rio Grande Valley!:smileup:
  6. Newbie Check In!
    Hello everyone!:wavey: My name is Jackie and I own a gorgeous 2007 Chrysler 300C.:Racing: Its my pride and joy, AKA my jewel.:smileup: For now I just have one question... Are there any MOPAR meets in or around the OC area? If so, let me know! Thanks!
  7. Newbie Check In!
    Hi all just bought my 2006 300c CRD Estate, black with 22" alloys just finding my way round this site, looking to find good tyre deals at the mo.
  8. Newbie Check In!
    I have the worst luck ever my 300 committed suicide a month ago by starting on fire in my driveway. It was not running and there:att::att: is no foul play involved. I loved this car and owned it since 4/08. I never had major problems and only did brakes and maintenance. I am so upset. I am new...
  9. Newbie Check In!
    Hey everyone Just wanted to give a quick shout out and say Hi to all the members.:wavey: 2008 300C Hemi 5.7L RWD
  10. Newbie Check In!
    New to the site. Still tryna figure out how to navigate it. Check out the pics of my 2011 300C and let me know what you think so far! [/url][/IMG]
  11. Newbie Check In!
    Changing brake pads and roters today....hopefully this will eliminate the shake in the front end that occures while braking. Next task is to figure out why my passenger side window only moves up or down in 2inch spurts.....????
  12. Newbie Check In!
    Just recently purchased a 2006 300c awd. 31k miles I just purchased some rims a few days ago and i made very clear to them that i wanted the correct bolt pattern then after a few days i noticed a small vibration so i double checked the wheels and they are 5x114.3. they do fit the car but i...
  13. Newbie Check In!
    Greetings all.... My name is Lenny Mauricio and I work at NAV-TV. NAV-TV is one of the sponsors of this forum and I will be taking over the day to day communications. My goal is to first educate 300 owners of the capabilities of their Infotainment System. 2nd, I noticed in my research that...
  14. Newbie Check In!
    What good PEEPS? I'm new to the 300 family and cant wait to post some pic's of my ride. I've ownd this car for only 3 months so there is no big changes yet. but i think i have so good things coming soon.
  15. Newbie Check In!
    Hey everybody I am a new 300 owner I recently purchased a 07 Chrysler 300...everyone who knows me knows this is a change for me being a loyal Cadillac owner til now. But now that I have crossed over I haven't Regretted my decision one bit. Looking to be a long time owner of this and maybe more...
  16. Newbie Check In!
    hey whats going on just joined a couple of days ago. and would like your help in couple of things. i have a 2.7 liter v6, i recently did a C conversion on it and am still missing the fog lights and i am wondering if anyone knows if the 2008 and up trunk lid will fit on my '07 base. thanks! and i...
  17. Newbie Check In!
    What's up y'all my name is Cris.. Living in midland, Tx I have a 06 300C.. Custom paint on 22's. I will post pics later. Im having problems with the battery charging system.. Gonna start a new topic if y'all can help appreciate it.
  18. Newbie Check In!
    Just googled 300 forums, got my first one two months ago and looking to make it look good. Any help would be great!
  19. Custom Interior Modifications - Audio - Video
    I added a sub box through my 6x9's in my rear speakers and now have no sound from my front speakers through the doors or the front mids. I have not changed the head unit or anything else, I am running a 350w amp through the rear fuse box ignition . I have a 2005 base model with factory...
  20. Custom Chrysler 300 Interior and Exterior Lighting
    hi, i just put my hids in....and they are flickering like most peoples on this site! but i tried using... .... i bought the capacitors and soldered them...and nothing happens! just the capacitor gets hot... any tips? ideas?
1-20 of 32 Results