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  1. Milodon Road Race Oil Pan for 5.7L/6.1L

    Speedlogix - Chrysler 300 Accessories!
    Milodon has a new road race oil pan for the LX/LC Hemi cars, and it is designed to provide an adequate oil supply during the rapid acceleration, hard deceleration, and violent turns common to the sport. More Info / Order: Rear Main Seal...
  2. My new motor with 300c plate

    Chrysler 300C Pictures
    just thought i'd share some pic's of my new pride and joy, with private plate and with new grilles fitted
  3. Created new group: Drag Racers

    Chrysler 300 General Discussion
    Thanks to all the new features Clay just added to the site, I started a group called "Drag Racers." I don't know how it works yet myself, but click on the "social groups" and try to join the "Drag Racers" group. I set the group to "moderated" and my only rule is you have to post a timeslip...