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  1. Need guidance new system

    1st Gen Chrysler 300
    I'm new to the site so I hope I'm in the right place. I have a 2007 Chrysler 300 base. I'm wanting to replace all audio components. Starting with the head unit I looked at the wiring harness and looks like there are two one is for, I believe it's the 4 speaker, and 8 speaker. I definitely have...
  2. Newbie checking in here!!

    Newbie Check In!
    So im the proud owner of a new(to me) 2013 Chrysler 300c, i was "hemi crazy" so i opted for the 5.7 V8 which keeps a smile on my face except at the gas station :shy: But anyways, I will be doing a series of upgrades on my car and will do my best to post pictures &or updates as much as...
  3. Wiring diagram for 2012s

    Custom Interior Modifications - Audio - Video
    Hello all Have a 2012S with factory beats. Does anyone have access to a diagram showing polarity and wire colors for this system Thanks for the help
  4. Sound Group 2 Boston Acoustic Speaker Ohm and Wattage Ratings?

    Custom Interior Modifications - Audio - Video
    Does anyone have an itemized list of the Ohms and Wattage ratings of the Boston Acoustic Sound Group 2 8 speaker setup in the 05-11 Chrysler 300s? I replaced my 6x9's for my birthday... Yeah, I have a great wife... But, we were trying to do the blown sub too... It's an 8" Boston Acoustic...
  5. Questions installing aftermarket system in 2005 300

    Custom Interior Modifications - Audio - Video
    I have a few questions involving my audio install. I just installed my jenson vm9313 with no issues everything playing perfect. I hear talk about the factory amp as my previous car (Charger) was a base model with no amp so the install was very easy. I know i'm going with new door speakers and...
  6. 300c Subwoofer Disappointment

    2011 Chrysler 300 - 300c
    I just purchased a 2011 300c a couple of days ago. It came with the Alpine "sound package" including an 8" sub in the rear deck. I'm a little disappointed in the bass performance and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience replacing that 8" woofer with a 10" woofer or if anyone has any other...
  7. Factory Kicker Sub Working Intermittently

    300C SRT8 Specific Discussion
    I have an 07 300C SRT8 with the 10" kicker subwoofer in the trunk and starting 3 days ago the subwoofer all of a sudden started not working and then it would work again and stop again. I already checked the cable that connects the sub to the amp and everything seems fine. Anyone have any ideas...
  8. new to the forum ... pix soon of my 300 black on black

    Newbie Check In!
    hey guys i just registered here at the forum but have been lookin on here for quit some time now for advice, and ideas. just recently added 4 12's and custom molded my stock dash to fit a double din and the storage bin above the ashtray.. im game to new ideas and mods u think itll look good on...
  9. Subs or Amp?

    1st Gen Chrysler 300
    My subs aren't working anymore but the amp still turns on. It will play a little amount of bass but as soon as I turn it up the amp turns off. My left sub is also locked into place, the right one still moves and outputs some sound but the left one does nothing and is stuck and doesn't move at...