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  1. Chrysler 300 General Discussion
    Im not gonna get another car cause my car is perfect condition and I know how it’s been treated for the last 130k miles I wanna do an engine swap to 2.7 to 5.7 maybe a 6.1 but I don’t know what else do I need to change achieve that, what else do I need to change to have a smooth running car...
  2. Chrysler 300 General Discussion
    I have a 2015 Chrysler 300s and want to swap my front bumper to the new srt inspired front bumpers anyone know what I should buy exactly? I’m having trouble using the mopar website for there is to many parts and I’m sure I don’t need all of them. Thank you
  3. Chrysler 300 Performance Mods - Engine - 3.5L V6
    i own a 2015 300s and was looking to swap my front bumper to the srt inspired front bumper anyone know where I can purchase this? I’ve looked at mopars parts section but I don’t understand what parts I need exactly they have many different things that I think I might now need. Thanks for the help!
  4. Chrysler 300 Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Okay so I have a 2006 chrysler 300 touring edition 3.5l v6 Im doing an engine swap with either the 5.7L or the 6.1L hemi my car has the 5 speed transmission was told the trans can withstand almost 800 ft pounds of torque so that’s covered I need to know what all else will need to be replaced do...
  5. Chrysler 300 Performance Mods - Engine - 6.1L
    Hello, I am looking for anyone else that has thought of this or if it has been done or even possible of doing. I may be incorrect in some of my information so please don't blast me if I am. So. I have been doing some research and it appears to me like our NAG1 trans is a copy of the merc...
  6. Chrysler 300 General Discussion
    hey- i have an 08 magnum, and i want to do a front end conversion with a 300. So i was wondering if anyone out was interested in doing a swap. (dosent hurt to ask).....llet me know if you are interested.
  7. 1st Gen Chrysler 300
    If i was swaping out the 300c radio to an OEM GPS Involved?
  8. Interior
    So this has been my project for a few weeks now, and it's coming to a close. The only bulbs this doesn't cover are as follows: rear view mirror amber indicator bulbs on climate control (ac, defrost, recirculate) amber indicator bulb on seat heater homelink This isn't to say I won't be...
1-8 of 8 Results