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  1. Custom Chrysler 300 Interior and Exterior Lighting
    First, I want to thank ItalianGuy63 for his excellent write-up on the 300C taillight conversion (I believe it was originally posted "over there"). I was able to follow it, and have (mostly) successfully converted my car. The only problem I am having is an occasional rapid blinker flash (I think...
  2. Custom Chrysler 300 Interior and Exterior Lighting
    I want to change out the turn signal and the reverse lights for the headlights and taillights what size do I look for???
  3. Custom Exterior Modifications - Body Kits - Paint
    So I just had my taillights tinted (I'll post some pics as soon as I wash my car) and it looks pretty good, I was going to do the headlights too but it seems like they are nearly impossible to remove unless you tear the front end of the car apart. Is there an easier way to remove them? If not...
1-3 of 3 Results