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  1. Newbie from Midland,Tx 300C custom

    Newbie Check In!
    What's up y'all my name is Cris.. Living in midland, Tx I have a 06 300C.. Custom paint on 22's. I will post pics later. Im having problems with the battery charging system.. Gonna start a new topic if y'all can help appreciate it.
  2. Howdy from Austin!

    Newbie Check In!
    Hiya Folks, My name is Shannon and I bought a loaded '06 SRT8 on eBay in Nov 2008. We had a bad eBay experience before (I bought a '99 Suburban that blew the motor on the way home), so my wife was very reluctant buying out of town again. However, this SRT8 had just 1800 miles, a clean carfax &...
  3. Space City LX M&G - Line Em Up

    Space City LX M&G - Line Em Up

  4. Space City LX M&G - Side Shots

    Space City LX M&G - Side Shots

  5. Space City LX M&G

    Space City LX M&G