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  1. NAG1 Conductor Plate Replacement ~ Limp mode

    Chrysler 300 Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hey all, i have an 05 300c AWD. I recently started experiencing the famous limp mode issues. Here is what i know about the vehicle : it has 310xxx km on the body and 154xxx on the new 5.7L motor (was swapped with a full harness ) the car was sticking in 3rd gear and would not allow you to...
  2. Odd Vacuum Line - 3.6l

    Chrysler 300 Mechanical Problems and Questions
    This is not technically a mechanical problem as it turned out to be "normal". And a quick search through the forum didn't turn up anything. So I thought I would post it here for anyone else who notices this vacuum line and starts scratching their head... Next to the air intake and oil filter is...
  3. Cannot shift into gear

    Chrysler 300 Mechanical Problems and Questions
    So recently with my 300 i had to replace the pink piece inside the shifter as most owners have to. Replaced it and all was well but recently the car became very hard to get into and out of gear. Most of the time you can get it into drive and the other gears but you have to go past the point of...
  4. 300 Touring 2006 Enters into Limp Mode When Weather Reaches +70°F

    Chrysler 300 Mechanical Problems and Questions
    The loyal 300 Touring 2006 began to fail at 110K miles when every time the weather turned warm. Engine light on and no more than 40 mph Then when the weather is cold (I live in Midwest) it works OK I have changed the speed control board (Mercedes trans) and it worked OK for a year Now after two...
  5. 2006 Chrysler 300C AWD please help!!!!

    Chrysler 300 General Discussion
    Is there any way you know if a nag1 from a 2012 dodge charger rt/5.7 AWD will work in my 2006 300c/5.7 AWD. I found one with low miles super cheap. I had a limp mode problem with code p0743 for tcc selenoid circuit and I testes solenoids and the were good so i replaced the conductor plate/plug...
  6. Grinding noise from front end while turning under load

    Chrysler 300 Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hey guys! The car in question is a 2007 Chrysler 300C (5.7L HEMI, RWD) So this problem just started recently. No work has been done on the front end for over a year (brake pad replacement and sway bar bushing replacement). The car makes a grinding noise when I am turning while accelerating or...
  7. 2006 300 Limited - 9 transmission trouble codes

    Chrysler 300 Mechanical Problems and Questions
    42RLE tranny, 3.5 liter V6, , RWD, about 130000 miles For a couple years now, at speeds normally above 40 mph, I would feel and hear a 'clunk' which seems like the tranny was slipping or very briefly changing gears. This would happen fairly often on trips at highway speeds but it did not happen...
  8. starting to wonder if I made the right choice

    Oil Change - Lubrication - Fluids
    There isn't a way to check your transmission fluid? Does anyone know how much fluid fits in the condenser? I am really not liking the fact that I can't do this simple maintenance on my own. Can anyone help me with this?
  9. How does cruise control connect to transmission?

    Chrysler 300 Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I recently had a tranny failure in my high mileage '06. The dealer replaced the lead frame but then the cruise control didn't work. When I returned it to the dealer the next day, I was told it was unrelated to the tranny work they did, and diagnosed it as "cruise control switch and steering...
  10. Howdy

    Newbie Check In!
    Just signed up because of a transmission issue with my '06. Someone might be able to give me some insight into the connection between cruise control and torque converter failure.
  11. I want to switch my 300 to a diesel...can I?

    Chrysler 300 General Discussion
    I have a 2011 300 Limited and I want to switch to a diesel engine/transmission. Can I purchase a Lancia Thema engine and transmission and have them swapped? I use my vehicle in my limo business and MPG can make and break my bottom line. Thanks for any advise! I'm so glad I found this page I've...
  12. NAG1 to 7G-Tronic Swap.. Possible??

    Chrysler 300 Performance Mods - Engine - 6.1L
    Hello, I am looking for anyone else that has thought of this or if it has been done or even possible of doing. I may be incorrect in some of my information so please don't blast me if I am. So. I have been doing some research and it appears to me like our NAG1 trans is a copy of the merc...
  13. Seems like transmission trouble after amps install.

    Chrysler 300 Electrical Problems and Questions
    Hi, this is my first post here, and can use some help!. I installed 2 amps and 2 12s today, sounds great, but when i started to drive, I noticed the car started to slow down at around 40 kph. the engine light is on, and the car jumps when changing gears (automatic). the only thing I really...
  14. Differential/Transmission Loud Clunking

    Chrysler 300 Mechanical Problems and Questions
    2005 300 with 156000 miles has developed a loud clunk, clunk, clunk etc. when I back out of my driveway with the wheel cranked over to the right. Had my guy look at it. He flushed and changed the fluid in the differential (twice) with no apparant improvement. Mainly happens when backing up and...
  15. In need of some HELP!

    Newbie Check In!
    Okay to start I own a 2000 Chrysler 300M. Yesterday When I was driving down the road on the highway about 55mph without any WARNING my car went into what appears to be " LIMP MODE" it is in second gear and won't shift out! The car didn't have any lights come on like check engine or anything...
  16. 4speed > 5Speed Swap...

    Chrysler 300 Performance Mods - Engine - 3.5L V6
    Has anyone swapped out the 42RLE 4speed with a NAG1 5speed? Any information out there on this upgrade? I have a odd noise coming from my 4speed and two mechanics say it would need to be torn down... Cost ~ $1600 for a rebuild / shift kit. Problem is the 4 speed SUCKS!!! and I don't wnat to...
  17. How to Make Your own Transmission, DipStick

    General Maintenance
    Since the miller tool for checking your transmission level is close to $70. This is the more economical way of doing it. 10 Step process. Step 1. Go to home depot, lowes, etc. Step 2. Go to electrical Isle Step 3. Pick up 36" or 48" plastic Zip Ties Step 4. Walk to counter and...
  18. 300c Shifting

    Chrysler 300 Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hello all, Just bought a brilliant black 2007 300c. Beautiful car. My last three cars were Bonneville SSEI's (which I loved, but they stopped making). So, I am not used to Chrysler at all. I notice that in low speeds that the car seems to take a long time in changing gears. To explain, it sort...