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  1. Chrysler 300 General Discussion
    Hey guys, I am looking at purchasing a 2015 300s, curious on some opinions on whether to get the v6 or v8. I would like to get a v8 but they are hard to come by at the right price and the v6 is more abundant. i like the extra power of the v8 but maybe can get some mods or add on to make the...

    this photo of my 300c hemi v8 was taken on the 24th of december 2010 in the morning after an overnight snowstorm... well: everybody had been asking for a white christmas! is this white enough?
  3. 300C HEMI V8 in a snowdrift on Christmas 2010

    a dream has come true? a white christmas, my own hemi in front of my own house by the sea (baltic sea, northern germany near denmark)... too much of a white christmas shows you the limits of your 300C...
  4. Chrysler_300_C_Hemi_V8_Alois_Buecker_Highland_Games

    that's me with my midnight blue hemi heading for the highland games as you can clearly see here, the car is stock the way it was delivered by the official chrysler dealership, except the fact that the licence plate was mounted lower than stock to make sure it does not disturbe the lines of the front
  5. Chrysler 300c HEMI V8 and Motorhome Siesta Exclusive

    yes: 5,7 litre V8 and 340 hp, but a ridicolous towing capacity of 1725 kg. so if you want a comfortable home away from home, an airstream trailer is impossible, so how about a stylish motorhome... you want more info? just google siesta exclusive 650 flc. as someone else wrote in this forum: the 300c
  6. chrysler 300c hemi v8 and my wife elena

    somewhere i've read: the 300c series (2004-2010) was made for people who want champagne taste for beer price, and dolly parton once said: do you know how expensive is it to look so cheap; this all is the 300c
  7. 300C Hemi V8 and my wife Elena in Eckernfoerde

    a different approach, a summer evening and an appropiate light, and the theme 300c is getting less cheap and more elegant...
  8. Chrysler 300C HEMI V8 and a German winter night

    a cold and grim winter night, the poor car, some might think... but have you ever thought about the conditions, a car is built for: the daily elements should do much harm, but a sauna? a warm and wet room? a garage?...
  9. Chrysler 300C HEMI V8 in the snow

    have you ever noticed, how the snow sometimes shows certain lines, that were designed into the car, but are not that evident on a normal day... more snow shows other lines than less... take a little time this winter and you may discover a lot...
  10. Chrysler 300C Hemi V8 European Version 5.7 Litre

    the car exactly the way it was dilivered by the official chrysler dealership, all decals and stickers still in place
  11. Chrysler 300C Hemi V8 and Opel Insignia CDTi Edition

    the hemi and the opel insignia cdti edition... very different cars, very different tasks. the hemi for pleasure driving on dry roads when the sun is shining, private driving in bad weather (rain, snow etc.) and in my work is the job of the insignia
  12. Chrysler 300C Hemi V8 in front of the gothic revival style cottage

    once someone sang: I did it my way... well, a hemi is considered cool in the US, and even by some over here in the old world, but there aren't that many hemis around...
  13. Chrysler 300C Hemi V8 and my motorhome in front of the house

    as discussed in the forum, the towing abilities of the 300C V8 are pretty limited (1640kg+85kg of hitchweight) so if you want a nice home away from home, a caravan trailer is not the right choice... limited towing weight means limited living comfort... you have to have a motorhome in addition to you
  14. Chrysler 300C Hemi V8 in front of my house

    on a bright summer day, perfect conditions for driving the hemi, the other cars resting in the background
  15. a midnight blue Chrysler 300C Hemi V8 and my wife Elena

    a larger version of my avatar, my wife with my hemi on a beautiful summer day (you might like to know, that the car is only driven on dry days on dry roads; the job of driving under nasty conditions like rain, snow, ice and salt on the roads is my wife's Toyota Aygo or my Opel Insignia (know in the
  16. Chrysler 300C Hemi V8 Elena and her friend Natasha

    my wife elena and her friend natasha on a nice summer day next to my hemi
  17. Chrysler 300C Hemi V8 European Version midnight blue 2

    a closer look of my wife in front of the hemi. as it is the european version, the car is limited to 250km/h (about 155mph)... this is a good reason for the pirelli p zero tires
  18. Chrysler 300C Hemi V8 European autumn time

    my wife in front of my hemi. a nice autumn day on the baltic coast, northern germany, you may have noticed the licence plate, RearDriver HemiChrysler 900 (the 3rd 300 i can call my own)
  19. Chrysler 300C Hemi V8 European Version and my wife

    another summer picture... my wife in front of my midnight blue hemi, in front of my house, a little less elegantly dressed...
  20. Chrysler 300C Hemi V8 European Version midnight blue

    my wife in front of my 300c hemi v8 european version (note that dodge alloys, which are one important difference, another difference: the topspeed is limited to 250km/h, that's about 155mph! And you are allowed to drive this fast on many parts of the German Autobahns...
1-20 of 20 Results