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removed the starter from my wife's 07 W.P. Chrysler Signature Edition AWD, took me 20 minutes to remove the heat shields, steering rod and drop the rack

Then 3 hours to remove the nut holding the battery cable to the solenoid, there was no way to get a socket on it with or without extensions and the wires were too short to get it into a position for a wrench, an extra inch or two would have sufficed.

I finally got it out and saw it had been in there for less than two years. Autozone wasn't going to exchange it since I didn't have a receipt, as they were going through the pages of my purchases I politely implied if they didn't exchange it I would be making my future pages of purchases elsewhere. I may not have bought it, but it was purchased there and less than 2 years ago which makes it their responsibility in my book, lifetime warranty and all. I purchased a 2 foot 2 gauge battery cable extension so I will never run into the removal problem again, because I think this is going to be a thing, lasting less than 2 years as it did.


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