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Yeah you read that correctly!!!!
We are adding a complete catback exhaust system from SOLO Performance to our $10 raffle. This kit retails for $800-950 depending on application. They currently have systems for the Challenger and Charger(they are tooling for the 300 right now). These guys are top notch and we are stoked to have them on board as a Sponsor. There is 1 catch!!! You gotta be present to win!!!!

So in summary, you have to come to the Midwest Meet N Greet. You buy 1 $10 raffle ticket, and you have the chance to win either a set of Factory Reproductions wheels courtesy of 213Auto, or a catback exhaust system from SOLO Performance!!!! Yes if you buy 2 tickets, you have a chance to win both!!!! Although you might be required to buy the drinks that night if you are that lucky!!

If they do not have a system for your vehicle I will personally help you sell if on the other Z sites.
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