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Hey everyone. Im new to the forums and need some help with my car.

The car is a 2010 Chrysler 300 touring v6 3.5L with rear wheel drive

the vehicle has 100,000km

There are two noises

Sound #1:
Sounds like the sway bar clunk, but the bushings are brand new. I replaced them 2 weeks ago on both sides. The clunk comes primarily from the drivers side and all bushings look tight upon inspection

the clunking completely went away after I changed the bushings, the clunk and squeek came back after two weeks

Sound #2:
the second noise is a very loud creaking sound that comes from both sides when i push the front end of the car up and down, turn the wheel either direction, and is evident while im driving over any bumps

tire does not have play left to right, or in and out (checked both sides)

Everything feels tight.... as far as the sway bar link, and stabilizer go.

no bushings or joints feel cracked or look worn from visual inspection

I would say I am fairly mechanically inclined as far as being able to pull stuff apart and put it back together but this diagnosing part is not my forte.

any insight would be appreciated. I have the car jacked up right now and am eagerly searching for things to try, but felt asking what I could be doing to narrow down the source of the problem.

To eliminate the sway bar and sway bar links from being the problem can I disconnect them and go for a quick drive to see if the noise persists?
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