2011 300C EVIC, Tach and Speedometer lights cycling

Discussion in '2011 Chrysler 300 - 300c' started by oldhippie, Jun 29, 2017.

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    Usually, when you get in the car, the interior lights come on as well as the EVIC, tach and speedometer lights. The information center says press brake to start car. I know this is normal and if you just sit there and do nothing, all the lights eventually go off.
    Recently and this is intermittent; after you shut the car off and after all of the lights have shut off, the EVIC, tach and speedometer ( no interior or outside) lights will come back on as if someone had opened a door. Sometimes the message about depressing the brake panel to start car is there, sometimes it's blank and sometimes it's in French. They will stay on for the proper amount of time then shut off. After about a second, they come back on and repeat the cycle and will keep on repeating until you start the car.
    Car starts and drives fine with no issues so far. We recently replaced the battery but this started before then.
    We stopped by the my dealer (who is AWESOME!!) and they put a code scanner on but there were no codes and of course it wouldn't do it in the service bay.
    It acts like it thinks someone keeps getting in the car. Doesn't seem to be related to a specific location or a particular key fob and will do it whether or not someone is sitting in the Driver's seat.
    I'm disabled on a fixed income with lots of Dr's appointments, therapy, etc. This is our only car.
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Next time we catch it doing this, I'll try and post some video if allowed. Thanks in advance.

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