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2019 300s Differential / Drive shaft upgrade

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If someone can help me and point in the right direction step by step with this swap/upgrade from personal experiences id be much appreciated..
and please Chrysler Fam don’t hit me with tha (just trade it in for tha in-line 6 when they debut) or (just trade it in and buy a 5.7lt) as I do plan on buying another Chrysler but In a couple of years tops and it will be the 300s V8 Hemi..

Anyways here’s the question has anyone in here done a differential /drive shaft swap for a RWD from the 2.62 ZF/195mm shaft too a 3.06/3.07 Lsd and if so does the shaft need to be upgraded as well to a 200+mm Or will the 3.06/7 mount right up with the existing shaft and if so what all would I need to get it done.. pcm tune? Upgraded shaft if it becomes to much wheel power (Basically will the smaller shaft break) /Rearhubs/calibers/brakes/New bolts/ ect?.. if you can help thank you very much 🙏

On another topic From what I’ve seen it’s rumored that the 300 will be discontinued after 2023 😔 They (Stellantis/Fiat/Chrysler) supposedly will make a new model Chrysler with an in-line 6 but will be taking the spot of the 300 and it’s name (Kinda like how the DTS Cadillac got discontinued and the XTS Cadillac came about taking its place) I’m not to crazy about the idea of the new dodge/Chrysler crossovers so unless they pull a fast one on us I will not be interested in the new crossovers..
I do plane on getting a 300s hemi in the next year or two as I’m sure they still will be a few low mileage 300 hemis during the crossovers transition, but I don’t plan on gettin rid of my 3.6 pentastar 300s either I’m just gonna crazy with it and if it blows up I’ll just engine swap it but in general it’s not going anywhere.. thanks yall 🙏
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