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I have a 2019 Chrysler 300 with the 6 speaker 276 watt Alpine system. Sounds pretty bad. I’ve upgraded the front dash speakers and the rear deck speakers. So today I installed the factory 500 watt amp. Part # 68425658AB. It sounds muffled and has no mids or highs. Just beyond awful.

Called the dealer and they can’t even tell me if the car requires programming for the new amp to work. But they are glad to try for $150. They are telling me I may have voided my warranty now too.

FYI I did this same project to my 2012 300 and it was plug and play. Sounded fantastic no programming needed.

Does anyone know. Is the dealer programming required now? As I said it was NOT needed on the 2012 system. Maybe I just bought a bad amp?
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