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I have been changing all of the fluids in the 07 AWD I bought my wife for Xmas. Today it was the transmission, if I had known about the 6 bolts I would have done mine long ago.

I drilled a drain in the back of the pan and dropped it after emptying, the magnet had stuff on it, but pan was clean

I cleaned the inside and cleaned and prepped the outside then drilled and tapped a larger hole for the plug

the bolt is a short 10mm head with a washer and a gasket made from a 42LE pan gasket section. I then installed the plug and painted the pan before reinstalling

Mercedes did an amazing job making a fool proof system to affix the pan without the possibility of over tightening and warping

I will drain and fill it a couple more times in the next weeks so the majority of fluid will be fresh.
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