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Hey guys,

Looking to add some USB power to my '08 300C. Was going to try to make a plate in one of three places,
1: Tray below climate control system (The "cubby bin" according to the owners manual)
2: Ash tray (the whole tray, not like the nitrous outlet insert)
3: Hole next to shifter

Has anyone had any experience adding USB power to their 300? The easiest ones are obviously using option 1 or 2 because there is the circuit for the cigarette lighter in the ash tray. Has anyone found a ready made plate that works in any of these places? I made a mock up of the cubby bin out of plywood, but I'm not sure if it's tall enough to fit my circular USB socket.
My old man also thought of using one of these plates in the cubby bin. Its a little bigger than the hole, but looks like it may work, and at 12 dollars, probably even cheaper than something I can make myself.

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