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Hello Guru's. I want to start off by saying that I have read and read and read so many stereo posts, and none of them have been what I would like to do. They all seem to be replacing the head unit and retaining the factory amp or retaining the factory head unit and replacing everything else. So, here I am.

I picked up a 2005 300 Touring the other month. It has the Boston system with a non-nav head unit.I want to eliminate all components of the factory sound system and replace them with aftermarket components I already have.

The speakers front and back will be replaced with Boston Acoustic component style (with crossovers) powered by an Exile Audio 4 channel amp.
The subwoofer will be a 10" Diamond dual voice coil powered by an MTX 2 channel amp.
The head unit will be a double din Pioneer. I already have the nav bezel and have a metra kit coming.

Audio signals from the head unit to the amps will be by means of RCA cables and new speaker wires will be run from the amps to all speaker locations.

So after all the, my question is this:
Since I am wanting to abandon everything from the factory sound system, do I need to purchase an amp bypass wiring harness or can I just leave the factory harness unplugged from the factory stereo and tap into the fuse block for the 12 volt constant and 12 ignition wire since that's all the Pioneer head unit needs to function?

Thanks in advance.
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