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Hi Guys, sorry for the story but im in desperate need of help!

I was driving along all good, then "service park assist" flashed on the dashboard and then suddenly speedo fails - cars in limp mode - pull over to the side and then the car wont start up,

I had codes,

Service Park Assist system
U0124 ABS
P0480 Fan 1 control circuit
P0481 Fan 2 control circuit
P0645 A/C Clutch Relay Circuit
U1120-Lost wheel distance message

Car doesn't even tick over its just silent but all dash lights horn radio etc working fine just a blinking engine light now

Had the car towed home and did a bit of digging today,

I checked every fuse & every relay with my multimeter front & back - all were showing continuity & every relay was showing a good solid 72ohms resistance which makes them all in working order? I didn't check them little chrome fuses I will do soon if need be,

Disconnected the battery for a good half hour and back together,

disconnected the fan wires and put back together all seems in good condition but I'm unsure on how to check for power in a connecter block like them,

Its worth mentioning aswell..

that a couple of days earlier I took all the wheels off and cleaned up & painted the calliper's on each one, I am thinking have I disturbed a sensor with all the debris etc?? would this cause the car to just die?

also the night before these problems I was reversing into a bay and I pushed into a barrier - only very lightly but enough for me to get back in and move the car forward a little bit

The battery in the car is barely a month old as well and is showing up a solid 12v on the display

so after all this today there is no fault codes showing apart from service park assist,

but there is no sign of it even being close to starting up again! whats my next step!!

Thanks a lot guys im asking a lot here but if you don't ask you don't get!.
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