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As far as I was concerned the brakes on my car functioned quite satisfactorily,
after buttoning everything up I took the car for a test drive, first time I came to a stop sign and using the pedal pressure I would normally use the car behaved like I had made a panic stop, nose dive and all. I am relearning how to brake, I have changed the brakes on hundreds of cars and haven't ever experienced such a dramatic difference. I don't know if they are just really good,
or if they haven't glazed yet, but I am sincerely impressed. It might have to do with the fact that I disassembled and cleaned ,or replaced all of the hardware and lubed everything. Whatever the reason it was definitely worth the $40 it cost to replace the pads and spiffy everything up. Rear next month definitely, it looks like they could go another year but the return on investment is encouraging.
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