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I spent the weekend working on my wife's 07 W.P. Chrysler Signature Edition AWD

The car started running rough on Wednesday, 13 codes (mostly intake runner related) and #3 injector. Took off the upper intake

It was ugly, butterfly flaps were sticking, thoroughly cleaned intake, especially the shaft between the ports

Couldn't see the injectors so removed the assembly

Cleaned thoroughly, used my shotgun brush to clean the injector bores, greased the O rings before reinstalling

buttoning everything up Sunday afternoon, no more codes and ran fine

After driving to Walmart, which was running perfect, started car again, miss and codes were back (drag) #3 injector again, cleaned all of them which I thought solved the problem. bought a new injector, started working at 10pm, had new injector installed by 11PM

Had car buttoned up again by 11:45PM, no more codes, immediately noticed difference, test drive great, no more codes.

Hate duplicating labor, but whole thing took less than 2 hours, instead of days since I had experience and didn't have to clean, paint, go to parts store, or fully disassemble. I left everything on the intake, didn't disconnect the fuel line, or even injector plugs except for the one I replaced.
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