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Hi All!
I apologize in advance for dredging up what I'm sure you've had your fill of.
I recently purchased a 300 Base, RWD, after owning nothing but 4WD vehicles for years. I live in upstate NY, where winters are brutal, so I'm trying to prepare.
My question to you all is: Could I/should I put SUV tires on the rear of my car? I found a good deal on pre-studded SUV tires, and I feel that as a frequent NYS Thruway traveler, my family and I would be safer with a tire of this design. For those who don't know, the thruway is a state highway that traverses New York, and was (I think intentionally) built DIRECTLY in the snow belt.
With unfettered winds and snow, the surface is often like a skating rink with fresh ice.
I can't come up with a reason why a tire of the same size would not REPLACE a tire of the same size, so I'm looking for you to help me with my decision.
As always, any and all responses will be gratefully accepted.
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