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This is my first Dodge expedition into fixing stuff, so please bear with me.

So I have searched everywhere I can think of and I have had no real luck. I'll start with the specific model: 2008 Chrysler 300c 5.7L, 5spd, auto temp control/dual climate control, sound group 2 (i think. 8 speaker BA system) with aftermarket HU.

I had to try to solve a broken HVAC blend door issue, which required pulling the dash. I took the car to the dealership and they say the solenoid are fine but the door either came loose or was broken. Either way, I had to get back there and make room to work.

Obviously I disconnected the neg terminal from the battery, and got to work. I pulled the steering wheel, basically all the plugs behind the dash, and separated the dash from the car (in essence). The dash was in my way the whole time but everything was disconnected. The doors are working fine (all three, I manually checked because of the battery and airbag fears) and everything is back together.

I strongly doubt I missed connecting anything back together but anything is possible. That is my caveat.

I can unlock the car, lock the car, it complains about the lights if I put them to "on", but I can't roll up the windows, turn on the radio, and it doesn't acknowledge the key when I put it in any position. I tried some random thing with the tripmeter switch and the key in different positions, but to no avail. I pulled the radio, the ignition box, and the gauge cluster reseating all the plugs with no luck.

I have a pink antenna style wire and the regular harness on the ignition, and I am not sure what it is or where it goes.

The lack of chimes when the key is in makes me think it's this module, but it's the original box, so is it something I have to flash or reset somehow? When I plug in the harness it makes an audible relay click in the box (or maybe it's my imagination). This is my DD so I would love to finish and be able to drive to work tomorrow, so time is of the essence.

Thanks for any help, I appreciate it!
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