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Hello all.

New to this so bare with me. I've searched through the forumns and can't find quite what I'm experiencing, so forgive me if this has been asked before.

I have a 2015 Chrysler 300 S with about 110,000 miles. I'm hearing what sounds like an engine knock. Sounds like it's coming from the top right of the car. It only happens once the car has been warned up for 5-10 mins. It seems to be speed related and not RPM, only happens when I'm decelerating/coasting below 40mph. If I touch the gas it goes away. The speed of the noise is directly related to how fast I'm going. It is a rythnic noise and doesn't sound metallic. Almost sounds like road noise but a lot louder. There is no vibration, although I can feel the knock slightly in the gas pedal if I rest my foot on it. Had a mechanic check the drive shaft as I was suspecting an issue with the u-joints. He said all is well there, and that he couldn't recreate the noise (he didn't take it for a long drive so I assume this is why.) I was then thinking rod knock but it stops with even slight acceleration and doesn't happen in idle. I've switched it into neutral while coasting and it makes no change in the sound. Braking does not interfere with the sound either.

Checked the tires for rocks, made sure my lug nuts were tight, oil was just changed and a trans flush was completed about 3 weeks ago. I'm at a loss here, I'll be getting it into another shop in the next few days but just wanted to hear opinions or if anyone's experienced this before I go in. Thanks in advance.
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