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Hey guys. Going to pick up my Chrysler 300C on Wednesday. Super excited.

Ordering all my stereo accessories to change out the stock HU...

But, while ordering I'm confused on the harness.

I'm going with a single DIN unit. I get the Axess XSVI-6502-NAV for a cheaper price as a package deal. But I'm confused if it will work with my stock system.

I would go with the PAC-CHYNA but it is $20 more (on a tight budget for this)

Basically I'm asking if it will work with my car.

From my understanding, I have:
A 2005 Chrysler 300C without an amplifier. (Theirs no boston logos) And no NAV.
Here's a pic if it'll help. Just want to know if the Axess product will work, instead of the PAC since the PAC is $20 more.
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