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Hi! I'm new to the forum (intro in newbie section) but I'm a long time 300C owner and driver. I replaced the factory entertainment/nav unit in my 2005 a couple of years ago with an aftermarket unit from JVC/Kenwood. Shortly after the install, the unit would intermittently reset, as if it wasn't receiving enough power. More worrisome was that when it would start this reset cycle - sometimes lasting a few minutes and sometimes lasting an entire trip - the backup warning lights would flash, a chime would sound, the dash lights would go on and off, and the passenger airbag warning light (indicating that it was automatically disabled) would turn on and off.

As fate would have it, the aftermarket unit was stolen soon after and all of the problems went away. I went a year without replacing it (the joys of city living). A few weeks ago I had it replaced with a very similar unit (same make but no nav) and lo and behold, my electrical problems have returned! :-(

As it has happened with two different aftermarket entertainment units, I don't think they are the problem. I've checked all of the typical electrical connections and everything appears clean and tight.

I'm thankful for any ideas or experiences with similar issues.
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