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Good afternoon

i am on a quest to fix the problem i'm having with getting a smooth ride on my 2005 300c when i brought the car from the owner he had lowered it and tubed it out the job was done great but it left the car with a very ruff ride we have 22" on the car as well, in my other add under the 300c suspension iwas looking for oem springs for the 05, but here is what was posed to me,
it was asked that i use the oem suspension springs and struts from the SRT.
It would set the car like i want it and provide that greatly needed smooth ride i am so looking for.
i need feed back from all that may have done this.
if it can be done is there any mods i would have to do or is it plug and play?
if so
is there any 300c srt owners out there that has the parts setting in the garage and would like to donate to my 300c smooth ride foundation?

well i know nothing is free just say at a reduced rate! lol

need ur helping info; all will be put to test.
i really need to do something quick the car is setting in the driveway waiting to go on a nice long trip, yall just don't know i am ready too!

thanks inadvance!
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