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Hey all,

A while back I had a loud knocking in the passenger side dash of my 2012 Chrysler 300, which after looking into it, it seemed like it was the Dorman Air Door Actuator (604-024). I went ahead and replaced it, which fixed the problem (sort of). There was still a small whirring sound occasionally, but no where near as bad as it was. This morning all of a sudden the loud clicking is back, but much louder and faster. I assume it's the same part, but can't figure out why it didn't fix the problem the first time around. It starts first thing in the AM when I start my car and goes on and off periodically. It even does it when the car is off. I'm thinking about just removing it all together and dealing with one of the actuators just not being there, but wanted to see if anyone else had this problem.

Probably unrelated, but my humidity sensor at the base of the rear view mirror stopped working a while ago, which I replaced, but went out again.

Thanks again.
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