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So, on vacation, got a call today late for a medical, jump on the car, turn the corner and floor it. Not power and lot of noise.... Well stop on the side of the road and it's just the double ended stud that hold the cat to the manifold that snap in 1/2. So there's a 1/4 inch gap on the engine side, the other one still in place. Now, I'm weighting the options... 2010 V6 3.5L with 167K on, touring. I suspect there might be a leak cause in the winter it smell gaz a lot more when starting the car.

So option 1 I figure I get a brush wire or a gasket and just hook the 2 end of the collar and put pressure back, for a while any way has a temp solution.
Option 2 is to try to replace the stud, and has I look at the rust, not seeing where the bolt snap on the manifold side, probably a few hours of bad words coming under the car.
Option 3, Get a new manifold... means taking most of the top of the engine off to get to it....

Oh and option 4 , JD weld paste ... that's a joke in my friends circle .... ahahah, like duck tape...

Any way, you have advise for when I decide to take this all apart let me know :3
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