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A/C needs refill .
2015 300 C .
Was told needed adapter does anyone know what type ?
Not enough information to compute.

When you say "refill" I don't know if you are just a few ounces low on refrigerant, or if the system is empty or nearly so.

If you're just needing a top-off, your friend's 300 takes R134a refrigerant. If you're buying a low-side recharge kit, it should come with everything you need. If you have, or are buying a manifold gauge set, you may already have high and low side quick couplers. If you don't, you'll need those.

If your system is empty or nearly so, you'll need to find out why. You may have a hole in your condensor or a leak elsewhere in the system, in which case you'll need to make repairs, then draw down the system with a vacuum pump before refilling with R-134a.
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