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Hello all, I just bought myself a nice 06 300 touring, loving it, just a few things wrong with it but that should be taken care of soon enough. Was wondering if I have the Boston acoustic package does that mean I have an amp? I have the cd/tape radio. I ordered the metra dash kick, antenna adapter and PAC RP4-CH11 wiring harness, so I could use my old Kenwood head unit. I need to know so I can install it properly. It has 144K KM/88K miles on the odo

Options are:
Leather heating seats
electrical group
Boston acoustic audio
4 speed automatic transmission

code P0645
Emergency brake
broken handle on the oil dip stick
Gas shock for the hood
a bit of rust but I live in Montreal so that's normal
edit: ABS and ESP Bas on
I think my suspension is wrong it sits really low, wheels are almost flush with the wheel wells


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Welcome to the forum,
Not 100% sure but I think the amp comes with the sub in the trunk.
P0645 is a code for the A/C clutch.
Next 3 are an easy fix, The for ABS and ESP on. Most likely cause is a bad ABS sensor. You need a OBD reader that can communicate with the ABS control module to know what sensor to replace or if any other part of that system is defective. Recommend your mechanic to do the test when you go in for tire change or brake replacement.
For the suspension, it does look low, The previous owner might have installed aftermarket kit or 300c parts to lower the car. If it does not hit any thing and it's aligned properly, it should be fine. But I don't remember seeing a 2006 touring recently I could be wrong.
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