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I'll try to keep this brief, but no promises.
I picked up an '08 SXT AWD Charger back in 2010, drove it for a couple of years (78k miles to 138k miles) and traded it in on an new '13 R/T RWD Charger. Got a new job, was putting a lot more miles on it and the long commute in the winters up here were getting tiring.
My girlfriend's Fusion was paid off, so we figured we had better drive that into the ground and trade my car in. We're expecting our first child in a few weeks, so a small SUV was in our future. Traded the Charger in for a CX-5, and then a month or two later she accidentally rear-ended someone (at roughly 15-20mph) and did JUST enough damage to total the Fusion. She and the baby are fine, but now we needed another car. Was looking for something reasonable, used, and figured an AWD Charger would work great. Found the 300s running nearly the same price, and a friend of mine at a dealership had a good deal on one.
So, last week we finally got around to signing the paperwork and I'm the proud owner of a 2015 300 Limited. Winter's almost over *knock on wood*, so I'm not going to bother with snow tires this year - we've been carpooling during snowy weather - but can't wait to throw some on next year. If it's anything like my '08, I'm going to LOVE getting it sideways in some parking lots. :)
Anyway, I'm hoping that the community here didn't taper off as hard as the ChargerZ forum did. I, of course, also come with questions and a couple of minor issues.
So, happy to be a member in yet another Z forum, and can't wait to meet everyone!
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