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Hello everyone,

I'm so happy to be here to present to you all my 2018 300c. I've owned this one for about one year and have to say i absolutely love it. Funniest thing is this is the second mopar I purchased from a chevy dealership. However the irony, I've had a wonderful in this car as well as my pervious mopar which was a 2011 Dodge Charger with a 3.6L pentastar V6. I've really learned alot from that vehicle and isn't all that different from what I'm driving now. Another unexpected thing is I didn't really like chrome and wanted to get the 300s originally. However after wanting to not drive far away and seeing how this one just sort of stood out to me, I decided to stop on by San Antonio TX to see her in person. I've test driven some other 300's 2 tourings and one 300s with a 3.6 but this one I felt was the one. Has the tech group package with the chrome appearence, the original posting says that it's a platinum additional and has pretty much everything that chrysler can offer from heated and cool cup holders to a panoramic sunroof. Has the nappa leather heated and cooled in the front seats while the back only has heated. Has the adaptive cruise with blind spot monitoring and lane assist. Also has a spoiler which is kinda strange since looking at the build sheet it was included which I thought was a little weird since I don't really see any 300c's with a spoiler (at least driving around Austin, TX). The best part of this one is it has the 5.7 V8 which is certainly more power than what I was driving before. The moment I floored it while test driving I was pretty much sold. Manage to get a good deal in the end and within 4 hours drove it home.

It was a little sad to see my Charger go after 8 years of ownership but since the cost of maintaining it was going up, the one thing that worried me the most was warranty coverage. I know you can get some aftermarket warranties but I had a bad experience when I decided to purchase a $2,000 plan with the charger and when the tranny broke after 120,000 miles they didn't cover it even after showing the receipts that it was well taken care of by a local mechanic and sometimes the dealership. So it was just logical for me to get something else and also wanted something different with mopar since I've already owned a charger before and wanted to experience something a little different. I would of never thought I would chose a 300 but it feels so familiar and also wanted something that's more luxury which this car brings the best of both worlds. It's also a sad how FCA decided to kill off the c and only give the 300s the 5.7, however I wish they really market this car better in my opinon.

Anyways, so far what I've done to my 300c is installed a dash cam and backup battery. I've also added a shock sensor to the vehicle which works fantastic. I did had the uconnect app for while but realize that it's just a waste a money since it only worked half the time and now doesn't support the current IOS for my iphone. When I purchased the vehicle last year it only had 8,000 miles. Now she has 16,557 and hasn't had any issues so far. Love using the lane assist and really helps when your driving on the road. I don't drive like a maniac so my gas mileage is not really any different when I owned the charger except for the fuel grade. Overall I'm happy with her, I plan on keeping her for the long run. I'm also doing a youtube channel on her for the long term ownership and let others know that if you take care of what you have it'll last a long time. Well with that being said, I'm excited to be here and can't wait to share my knowledge and experiences with all of you!!


My Review of my 2018 300c


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