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Got a new set of Wheels and Tires for my 300. Super stoked. I think they're a good balance of sporty and subtle.

Square setup, 20x8.5, -15mm Strada Codas wrapped in Pirelli P7 AS3+.

Automotive parking light Wheel Car Tire Vehicle

That being said, I want to lower the car slightly. As I've gotten older and softer in recent years, I don't want it to ride like my old shitbox on coilovers, nor am I looking to be low for the sake of low. Functional low, y'know?

I'm currently leaning towards the Eibach Prokits, but any input anyone has would be greatly appreciated (drop heights, spring rates, pictures, actual reviews, etc)

So, um yeah. Obligatory picture of my new wheels and monster truck stance.
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