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Hello all,
I've been a part of this family since 2005. I have been busy with other things and haven't been around these parts in a while so I thought I would drop by and say Hi!! Maybe catch up a bit...

Still have my Magnesium Pearl 2005 hemi. Bagged, billets and bad ass... Grip front and rear bumpers, Lighting Trendz custom halos, tubbed rear end, custom trunk, nitrous and some other cool mods.

I come here because I'm curious if there is still a need for custom parts for the gen 1. I am the owner of Charged Motorworks and have been working mostly on Chargers, but I got into this from knocking on the door with my 05 300C. So, Im coming back to my roots and wondering if I should dable into the 300 world. Been thinking about making bumpers, fender flares and custom hoods for the 300 but I dont want to get into it if I'm just too late to the game. Which is a big possibility.

Admin, I mean to disrespect if I should be a paid vendor to post this:
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