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I have a problem with power seat one side of seat move forward or reverse, other side didn’t .I seen a lot of posts about it and everyone same problem one of or both of the flexible cable broke, twisted ,lost ect but motor was fine you had 1 choice buy the whole motor assembly around 150-200$ and replace the whole thing I had to do this on both sides drivers and passengers but this time I had enough I was t going to spend another 150$ to do this I finally found 2 ways to correct the issue 1st) 1/8 key stock is perfect fit but if you want flex cable they make flexible cable 1/8” for RC boats costs about 15$ for 3’ you just cut to your size (square the ends) it’s exactly the same as original cable i do like the key stock because it will last for ever only problem is if you get something is track and try to move seat it will break the motor vrs the cable that will strip out
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