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The rules and contest structure are below so everyone knows what type of contest this will be. Obviously Some great photos are going to be shown


1. Each Competition will have a theme, and will be announced at the beginning of the contest.

2.Contestants are limited to 1 photo per contest

3.There MUST be a Chrysler 300 in the photograph submitted or an LX/LY. If you have an LX or LY other than a Chrysler 300 you must have 1000 posts or more on to participate.

4.No photoshopping is allowed other than cropping.
a.Exception: There will be photoshop contests and photoshopping will not only be allowed…but required (mspaint, photoshop, etc).

5.The submitted photo must be taken by the contestant (or in photoshop contests created by the contestant)

6.A caption or description will be allowed in the post with the photo

7.Each Photo must only be posted once, Nominated Photos may not be posted in another contest.

8.Each submission will be moderated by site moderators for appropriate content.

9. There must be at least 6 participants for the photocontest voting to take place. If there is not, the contest will either be postponed or canceled for the particular month/theme. (In fairness to our vendors)

10.Winner of contest will not be eligible for the next contest.

11. The winner of the contest must choose 2 themes for the next months contest and submit there themes to the photocontest admin/moderator. If a theme is not submitted the photocontest admin/moderator will choose the next contest theme.

Contest Structure:

1. There will be a thread announcing the contest opening, allowing for submission of pictures and discussion.

2.There will be a second thread for members to nominate who they think should be considered for the final round of voting (each person can nominate 2 photos/member). There will be approximately 1 week for Nominations. These will then be tallied, and the top 5 will move on to the next round for voting, if there are not more than 10 photos entered into the contest every entrant will earn a spot in the voting thread.

3.There will then be the final round of voting for the top 5 which will last for approximately 1 final week.

4.The winner will be announced, and they will receive their generous prize!!

5. The Winner will also choose the theme for the NEXT contest!!! They will also be able to adjust rules to suit their specific contest idea.

A little fine print:
This schedule may be adjusted due to difficulty of photos, weather, lack of entries etc. Contests may or may not be extended. Contest subject to cancellation at any future date.

Rules changed and updated as of August 13th for contest #8 updates.
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