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Was at the U Pull it yard a couple of weeks ago and found a seat pad out of an 05 limited, took the passenger side actually since it will most likely have been used much less. Mine was cracking slightly when I bought the car almost 5 years ago and only got worse over time. They definitely used a much lower quality leather (synthetic leather) in the 300 Limited than in the LH cars that proceeded them, it's a shame they decided to cheap out on items like that. I didn't realize the 05 has just a slightly different shade of gray than the 06, but close enough for government work and $25 I can't complain, seat heating works the same, I think
the 05 is slightly better quality, being a passenger seat, the cloth side is exposed though not noticeable unless you are looking for it.


I also found a pair of original trunk shocks out of the same car, the ones in my car were noticeably thinner and weaker than the ones I replaced them with.

before it only stayed up if completely vertical and a slight breeze would drop it on my head, now they push the lid up fully with just a slight pull and pop up like this when I push the release.
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