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Hi All!
I don't know if I am having difficulty adapting to a new "shifting style" or if there is something wrong with my transmission. I just bought this 2012 300 Limited, so I'm hoping it's a problem with ME.
When shifting from park to drive, I can't seem to get a "clean sweep" or a single smooth maneuver. Most of the time the shifter will feel jammed somewhere along the way, and I'll have to release the shift button and re-press to complete the shift.
Additionally, when I'm backing up, am I not supposed to be able to shift into drive while the car is barely moving backward? I've always experienced a little free roll in automatic transmissions, but not this one. I don't take impatient risks, but I've been surprised at how quickly oncoming traffic gets to me when I back out of a driveway and am trying to shift into drive.
Having retired from a 36 year career in the nuclear power industry I'd hate to think I've "gone stupid", but any and all advice (and even a few wise cracks) will be gratefully accepted.
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